Lisboa ponte

    Portugal 2020

    Portugal 2020

    Project designation | OSD -- Uma aposta na internacionalização em Ponto de Venda
    Project code | LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-043269
    Intervention zone | PO LISBOA
    Beneficiary entiry | ORIGINAL SPOT DESIGN LDA

    Approval date | 19-06-2019
    Commence date | 14-06-2019
    Conclusion date | 13-06-2021
    Total eligible costl | 187.400,00
    European Union financial support | 74.960,00
    National/regional public financial support | Not applicable


    The objective of this investment project is to provide the OSD with factors of competitiveness in such a way as to make it possible to differentiate it from the competition and at the same time obtain a high reputation for services in the target markets.

    The actions that will be implemented are structured in the field of internationalization, in which the OSD intends to promote and explore new markets. Among the objectives that the company advocated for its internationalization strategy, it is worth mentioning the taking advantage of new opportunities in markets with high potential.


    It is intended to take advantage of a set of opportunities provided by the country's image abroad, mainly regarding the production of products and services using the latest technology. In this way, the intention is to reinforce the internactional company's image, the reputation of its brand in events, winning new customers and consequently generating an increase in sales volume.

    The increase in turnover will have a direct impact on the increase in sales volume of the national companies that supply the OSD, creating a knock-on effect throughout their business environment, for example, in the companies that supply raw materials for production of communication at the point of sale. The selection of the target markets for this project was carried out taking into account the exploration of new opportunities

    Expected/Achieved results

    The marketing and communication market at the point of sale is a market with a large volume of import and export of concepts and techniques that attracts a lot of international investment.

    Having been operating in this market since 2013, OSD needs to gain dimension and increase the power of action to face the competition more effectively in this centralization process that is being felt. Through a clear internationalization project, it will be possible to offer OSD's specialized services to new markets with greater potential for profitability. With this action it will be possible to increase competitiveness, reduce dependence on the domestic market, control risk exposure and increase the size of the company's market.

    Project description, with eventual monitoring of the execution level

    The great pillar of the OSD has been innovation and, therefore, obtaining a significant market share. A crucial point of this investment project also contributes to national competitiveness, from a perspective of sustainability and modernization of the business fabric. The increase in capacities and investment will translate into innovative solutions supported by a competent and highly qualified technical team.

    The innovation will bring, for clear reasons, more evolved technological products capable of reaching an ever wider range of markets, namely those in which the quality of attributes and perception of value by the market are more relevant.