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    Meaningful Resources

    In recent years our exponential growth has led us to adopt organisational solutions adapted to the new reality of the company in order to strengthen the team and endow it with tools and methodologies adapted to the specificity of each department.

    Partnership Resource

    Technological Resource

    Partnerships can serve to strengthen, support, and even transform some required projects resulting in improved overall quality, more efficient use of resources, and better alignment to client's goals. Therefore, regarding the LED Walls, LCDs and all other digital devices, we value our partnership with Samsung, a very well-known and renowned high-tech company, as well as our partnership with Enbon, a company founded in 2010 with exponential growth and a high export rate.
    Our workflow is organized by:
    Digital Signage
    Special Features

    Equipment Resources

    Equipment Resources

    With state-of-the-art technology the OSD Screen presents a varied set of digital devices. The LED Walls allow a total customization of dimensions and an easy way of permanent verification of digital content installed thanks to digital signage. For a more standard need, we offer a great range of Displays thanks to the parntership with Samsung. Besides these devices OSD Screen also has a possibility to develop Virtual Reality projects and some other Special Features, like a Hype Box for instance, which provide a different approach in the promotion of a special product or campaign.

    Human Resources

    Human Resources

    DESIGNERS A team of designers develops international guidelines adapting them to the national reality, contributing in a creative way to distinguish each project in the POS by its quality of construction and improvement of the customer experience.

    TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY Accounts specializing in the needs of the customer and in the reality of the point of sale promote the balance between resources and creativity with the aim of satisfying the intervening axes and bringing the best customer experiences to retail.

    PRODUCTION TECHNICIENS Professionals with strong technical skills to develop and manufacture products in different sectors.

    MANAGERS Project Managers with their own specialties are distribute among the teams, aim to optimize the production and coordinate the best way on ongoing projects.

    Digital Resources

    Digital Resources

    With a very intuitive design we develop some digital platforms to help structure our internal organization, as well as to ensure a better and well structured management of customers objectives.
    The Attentance and the Evaluation concerns the coordination of our employees;
    The Finantial describes himself by his name;
    The Production regards the management of a project's fabrication and the Planning regards it's implementation;
    For a client's follow up we have the Clientzone;
    The Screen manage the digital content presents in the LED Screens abeling it's updation via online;
    The Warehouse and the Stock concerns the coordination of all the stored materials;
    Finally the Headquarters works as the database platform where all the other get the global information.


    Geographic Resources

    We have partners to whom we extend our guarantee of trust in the logistical development and implementation of a campaign. The internal scope is ensured by international teams. Our main hubs are:


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